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IAM809- Friends Bring Women Together Through Coworking Space

October 30, 2020

Best friends Amy and Kate were celebrating their shared birthday in 2017 when the conversation turned to how amazing women are when they join together for a common goal. A few months an official idea was idea sprouted and Rowan Tree coworking and cogrowth community was born. Offering both virtual and in-person memberships, they are pioneering a new way to work. Geared for women and welcome to ALL, Rowan Tree offers an inclusive, safe, and open community and coworking space. Within their growth ecosystem of women entrepreneurs and passionate allies, they intentionally foster a community of connection, collaboration, and inspiration. They infuse a mix of wellness, creativity, laughter, self-health, and kindness into their Rowgramming. In the last year, they offered over 200 workshops on professional, business, personal, well-being, and creative growth.






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