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IAM752- Business Coach Helps Entrepreneurs Accelerate Their Growth

September 3, 2020

Shawn co-founded DALS Lighting, an LED lighting business, in 2009. He implemented the Scaling Up Growth System and led the company to 3X its revenues well into the 8-figures. Shawn went on to found Elevation, a business growth coaching firm, working with entrepreneurs & their teams to help accelerate their growth – while helping them find personal balance and happiness.

Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Shawn is also the Author of “The Happy Leader,” a business and leadership fable releasing in September 2020 (Leaders Press). Former President of EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization) Montreal, Shawn remains an active member & mentor to numerous young entrepreneurs, helping them improve as business leaders and as individuals. A Finalist for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year, Shawn also sits on the Board of Directors for “Champions for Life,” a non-profit foundation helping children develop their physical literacy.


Shawn’s WHY: To Help LEADERS find Happiness and Success.



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